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Is Purify a product or service or something else?

Purify is a mindset with change management at its core.

You need to purify your data when the culture of your organisation needs to refocus on the importance to eliminate bad data to run your business on good data.

The Purify process starts with igniting the awareness that there is a data problem that needs fixing by offering the cold hard facts. The assessment of the facts will decide which decisions will achieve quick wins and define a strategy for long term stability, ensuring you can trust your data. Then the Purify approved products and services become relevant. These could be offered by No Tie Generation, or by its network of befriended companies and self-employed professionals.

Who can initiate Purify within your company?

Only the your decision makers with budget responsibility can transform your business into an intelligent enterprise by embracing the Purify process and procuring the required Purify approved products and services.

Who can implement Purify within your company?

The Purify process and Purify approved products and services are aimed to be used by your employees.

Alternatively you can delegate this to your service providers to take a supporting role, however we advise you remain responsible for its success.

Irrespective which scenario is most suitable for you, your C Suite Stakeholders are our first point of contact.

Is Purify a stand-alone solution?

You can use Purify as a second opinion aside of your existing activities.

Ideally you integrate Purify approved products and services within your current toolset.

Why does Purify focus on SAP?

We only deal with businesses running SAP to support their core accounting and logistics processes. We made that choice because in 2018 more than 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system on a daily basis. We expect this percentage to rise in years to come.

We also recognise the fact that most companies use multiple systems, some are not SAP. Therefore, we ensure you can analyse data from any platform, as long as the analysis is done in a SAP on-premise system.

Why does Purify focus on business partners?

Eventually all businesses running SAP need to move to the S/4 HANA platform. When migrating to S/4 HANA, customers and vendor addresses are merged into business partner addresses. This will be a very delicate process and requires good data in order to make this a success.

Someday all SAP clients will be confronted with this task. We want to be known as their first point of contact to guide them through this transformation.

When can we Purify?

Normally companies worry about data quality during an implementation project. Then you need to migrate data from legacy systems. However, this is not the only opportunity to Purify.

Ideally you company take the pro-active approach and Purify TODAY and reap the benefits in your operational daily activities as well as strategic management reporting. Please read the We Can Help You section on our home page with regard to data governance, consolidation and harmonisation.

Also, we can assist when a pending acquisition. You can verify the potential crossover of shared customers and vendors. You can get an indication of the quality of their business partner data for migration.

How can we use Purify to support data migration?

You can use Purify to identify shared and duplicated business partners from any legacy system. You can determine the winner as the template for data migration. The result seamlessly integrates with the SAP data migration cockpit for S/4 HANA.

To summarise, you use Purify as the intermediate between the extraction of legacy data and loading the data into S/4 HANA. We offer a full end-to-end business partner migration service when your target on-premise SAP system is at least S/4 HANA 1709.

Please ask for a consultation if you like know more.

How can we use Purify to support data governance?

The Purify approved product to support data governance covers a wider scope than just business partners and we advise you to use this tool as your core data governance solution.

Please ask for a consultation if you like know more.

What effort is required from us to Purify?

We offer mathematical equations and automated algorithms to prevent human error and at the same time speed up the process. Your contribution is required to apply manual adjustments that are very specific for your business. Complex decision making can be automated within a very short period of time, assuming your in-house experts can provide the rules.

As a rule of thumb, the more your SAP system deviates from the standard, the more resources you need to invest to Purify your data.

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