Why We Care

Been There

Purify is the brainchild of Isard Haasakker, founder of No Tie Generation Limited.

With more than 2 decades of SAP consultancy experience, he has seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

He has been thrown into the deep end many times. Often he had to cleanse thousands of rows within a spreadsheet, a very time consuming and unrewarding waste of energy and time. That is why he dedicated the past years in finding a solution to prevent anyone to experience the same agony.

Been There
Done That

Done That

It took a long time before purify became mature.

Delayed gratification.

Several attempts were made to find the perfect algorithm along with the required functional and technical skills.

Never stop learning.

But Isard stuck to his dream to convert his experience into a SAP product that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Ask for help and you receive.

He also had a lot of friends to help him, building a very extensive network of top quality consultants and SAP partners. So he is never alone, allowing him to take on any challenge with great enthusiasm.

An obstacle is an inspiration.