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Companies running their business on good data achieve a 70% profit increase.

You can also transform your business and become an intelligent enterprise.

You can repair damaged relationships and review pricing policies and regionalise marketing campaigns.

But in the end your will increase efficiency and productivity and improve brand loyalty and boost market share.


You are a decision maker with budget responsibility.

You want to purify your data and reap the benefits.

Your company runs SAP.



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Data Migration

Data Migration

For many the most obvious trigger to asses the quality of data.

Of course you want to prevent that bad data from a legacy system is affecting the new system.

Just giving your team a spreadsheet with a table dump is not a very elegant and crushes moral. Also this is probably the worst method to identify and clean up bad data.

We can offer an elegant solution using special algorithms to automatically identify duplicates. It is 90% faster and 95% more accurate than any manually driven process.

Data governance

This is supporting your Business-As-Usual daily activities.

You might be convinced that you do not have to worry about the quality of your data.

However, you might not be aware the burden on your customer service department due to avoidable issues with data quality.

Keeping your data clean can be achieved in many different ways. At least you want to implement a fast and effective and web enabled solution, allowing only those authorised can maintain data that is relevant.

Data governance


Collecting business partners from multiple systems to aggregate them for management reporting purposes is a delicate process.

You want to ensure that strategic decision making is based on reliable data.

Correct identification of loyal clients and suppliers is essential.

This can become very complicated. You might need to implement complex rules to make sophisticated decisions. Luckily we have experience to guide and teach you how to keep this under control.


You are considering a merger and you want to know to what extend your customers and suppliers crossover.

At the same time you want to get a clear picture of the quality of data that would need to be migrated eventually.

Time is precious, so this assessment needs to be done quickly.

You can analyse business partner address data from an unlimited amount of SAP and non-SAP systems. You can quickly assess the quality of the data in each single system and assess to what extend data is shared between systems.



When you had too many acquisitions within a short period of time, then you might not had the opportunity to harmonise as part of the project.

Then over the years the maintenance of data has become too complex because the usage of data is dependent on specific organisational characteristics.

The clutter it generates requires cleansing to improve your operational activities and management reporting.

Dive inside your system and discover what data is outdated and can be safely removed. Then continue to run your business, only using data that is still relevant.

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